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Touchless Vehicle Cleaning Chemicals 


Nerta Truck Touchless Cleaning

20 litres of Platinum Wash

5 litres of Bio Polish

Italian PA high pressure foamer
PA foamer only suit able for machines up to 13 LPM max.

Specially designed for polished aluminium, stainless steel & chrome surfaces.

$470.80 RRP


Nerta Truck Touchless Cleaning

25 litres of Carnet Jumbo

5 litres of Anti Insect

Italian PA high pressure foamer

PA foamer only suit able for machines up to 13 LPM max.

This kit will clean around 150 prime movers and keep them effortlessly insect free for a long time.

$470.80 RRP


Nerta Agriculture Touchless Cleaning

25 litres of Active Diamond

5 litres of Super Degreaser

Italian PA high pressure foamer

PA foamer only suit able for machines up to 13 LPM max

Ideal for cleaning farm machinery quickly and efficiently.

$492.80 RRP

AMDS Trade and Industrial is a distributor for Nerta touchless vehicle cleaning products.

The advantage of touchless cleaning is that all types of vehicles can be cleaned in a fraction of the time and using far less product in comparison to manual cleaning. It’s like having a commercial car wash or truck wash at your fingertips.

The soap, in the form of dense foam, is applied through a high pressure foamer or downstream high pressure chemical injector, fitted to a pressure washer.

These foamers and injectors automatically mix the soap and water to as little as 1% soap and 99% water, ideal truck wash and perfect for car cleaning. 

We have kits available for car, truck and machinery washing.

Our huge range of Jetwave pressure cleaners, together with our Chiefs Nerta touchless car wash and truck wash products, can clean your vehicles and help you keep them that way.

  • Suits on-road & off-road vehicles
  • Touchless application
  • Excellent performance
  • certificate
    Faster than conventional methods
  • certificate
    Exceptional value
  • certificate
    Respectful of the environment
  • certificate
    Foaming applicators available
  • certificate
    Mixing & application method supplied

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Nerta Active Diamond Touchless Cleaning


A super concentrated, powerful alkaline exterior cleaner capable of removing the most stubborn dirt from trucks, agricultural gear and off road vehicles.

Nerta Carnet Jumbo Touchless Cleaning


A concentrated and gentle vehicle cleaner that is not corrosive and has an exceptional soaking power to safely clean any truck.

Nerta Platinum Wash Touchless Cleaning


Specifically designed for polished aluminium, stainless steel and chrome truck and vehicle surfaces, promising a stain and streak-free finish

Nerta Anti-Insect Touchless Cleaning


A unique, light alkaline detergent which effectively removes dead insects from vehicles.

Nerta Super Degreaser Touchless Cleaning


An emulsifiable solvent cleaner based on hydrocarbon which easily dissolves oil, grease, grime.

Nerta Bio Polish Touchless Cleaning


A concentrated gloss, drying and preservative agent providing a lasting shine and increased protection

Touchlessly cleaning earthmoving gear using Nerta's Super Degreaser and Active Diamond. 

How to quickly and efficiently clean a boom sprayer using Nerta's Active Diamond, using 1% soap and 99% water.

Quick wash and wax using Nerta's Active Diamond to clean followed by Nerta's Bio Polish to touchlessly apply wax.

Chiefs Platinum Wash for vehicles that have polished aluminium tanks, bull bars, roll bars, side steps and rims, without streaking the aluminium.

Applying Chiefs Platinum Wash through a foamer lance at 2% Soap and 98% water. 

Chief's Platinum Wash applied at 1 % through a downstream injector and rollover lance. Great for cleaning polished aluminum without streaking.

Touchlessly remove insects using Nerta's Anti Insect & Carnet Jumbo. 15 minutes to remove the insects and wash the truck.

A quick clean with Carnet Jumbo on a workshop ute.

Nerta's Anti Insect and Carnet Jumbo both applied at around 2% product and 98% water.

Please note: Due to ongoing developments specifications may change.

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