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4 Chemical Dosing Valve

4 Chemical Dosing Valve

4 nozzles 9 mm, color-coded (HACCP)
M14 thread with O-ring seal.
Suitable for injector series: ST-160, 160.2, 160.3, ST-164, ST-167, ST-168

Material: stainless steel
Changeover times caused by constantly changing intake hoses media (cleaning agents) are eliminated. Individually controllable hose nozzle. A simple locking system shows that the selected hose nozzle is optimally positioned and activated.
There are 4 sets of dosing nozzles (restrictors) including ‘O’ rings supplied, with which the concentration of the chemical can be adjusted in suction mode. No twisting of the hoses: Control is via a twisted part with marking. If the marking is between 2 colored grommets, the passage is blocked.
With various accessories, the ST-163 intake manifold can be mounted on the wall or a trolley. An adapter for direct mounting to the ST-167 and ST-168 injectors is also available.


Please note: Due to ongoing developments specifications may change.

4 Chemical Dosing Valve

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