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Easyclean 365 + Gun

Easyclean 365 + Gun

Using advanced cyclonic technology, the Easyclean365+ uses a combination of high pressure air and cleaning chemical to quickly and effectively lift dirt and grime from vehicle dashboards, seat fabric, carpets, floor mats and roof linings. Its powerful cleaning action penetrates even the hard to reach places such as door shuts, ventilation ducts and around gear stick gaiters with ease.

Just as effective on the vehicle exterior, the Easyclean365+ can be used to rapidly clean convertible soft tops, body panel seams, brake dust on wheel trims and around manufacture’s emblems without the need for scrubbing or brushing. This dramatically cuts down costly labour time and the need for many different expensive cleaning agents. Because the Easyclean365+ produces a very fine mist that doesn’t saturate surfaces, drying time is kept to a minimum and a quick wipe with a micro fibre towel is often all that’s needed to finish the job! Alternatively, a turn of the dial shuts off the spray and then a blast of compressed air can be used to completely dry the cleaned area.

Pressure Req: 5-9 Bar, Air Req: 200 l/min, Inlet: 1/4″ Female, Container: 1 Ltr, Aluminium Gun

Please note: Due to ongoing developments specifications may change.

Easyclean 365 + Gun

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