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  Drain Jetters (Sewer Jetters)

At AMDS Trade and Industrial, we take pride in being the distributor of Jetwave drain jetters in the Wagga Wagga, Riverina, and surrounding areas. Our commitment is to provide you with top-quality solutions that cater to a wide range of jetting applications.

Dealing with blocked sewage pipes is a common challenge for plumbers, but with Jetwave Drain Jetters, the solution is at your fingertips.

Enhance your jetting experience with our extensive selection of parts & accessories. From jetting nozzles to mini reels and jetting hose, we’ve got everything you need.

Our commitment doesn’t end with the sale. We provide a dedicated service facility to ensure your drain jetters perform optimally throughout their lifespan.

Since 1992, Jetwave has been a trusted name in designing, importing, manufacturing, and distributing pressure cleaning equipment and drain jetting solutions. As an Australian-made brand, they take pride in their commitment to quality and innovation.

Drain Jetters (Sewer Jetters)

Jetwave Scorpion G2 JX Drain Jetter (Sewer Jetter)

Scorpion G2 JX

5075 psi
23 lpm
JX750 V-Twin 24hp engine

Jetwave Scorpion G2 Drain Jetter (Sewer Jetter)

Scorpion G2

4000 psi - 5075 psi
16 lpm - 26 lpm
Honda GX690 23hp engine

Jetwave Scorpion G2FI Drain Jetter (Sewer Jetter)

Scorpion G2FI

4060 psi
31 lpm
Honda iGX800 25hp engine


Remote Mini Reel

Remote Mini Reel 

11 Piece Nozzle Kit

11 Piece Nozzle Kit

Warthog Sewer Nozzles

Warthog Sewer Nozzles

Jetwave TV: Innovation Series

Please note: Due to ongoing developments specifications may change.

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