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Apollo Aqueous Spray Washer
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Apollo Agitating Hot Tanks

Apollo Aqueous Spray Washers

The refined design of Apollo’s aqueous spray washers make them one of the most efficient machines in the market in terms of performance and whole of life costs. The major benefits of the Apollo aqueous spray washer include:

  • Certified fully compliant with AS4024 – Safety of Machinery to maximise operator safety
  • Gear drive turntable for controlled rotation speed
  • Automatic water level control and element protection
  • 7 day time clock for pre programmed operation of the heater elements
  • Adjustable cycle timer
  • Automatic pump-out of spent cleaning solution for ease of servicing
  • Options available such as, filtration, oil skimming, metallic particle separation and more
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Apollo Agitating Hot Tanks

Whether it involves cleaning ferrous or non-ferrous components, the Apollo agitating hot tank is capable of completing the most difficult of cleaning tasks

The patented centrifugal filter makes Apollo’s agitating Hot Tanks the world leader in this field. The centrifugal filter provides a major saving in chemical replacement due to the significant extension in the service life of the cleaning solution. With chemical savings of up to 92% and electricity savings over 25% you can potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the whole-of- life ownership of the machine.

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Small Parts Basket


Small Parts Basket

Small Parts Basket


Apollo Spray Washers & Hot Tanks

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