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FS Curtis Box Type Compressor

FS Curtis Diesel Compressor Range

From the towability of the FS-Curtis FAC trailer-type compressors, to the versatility of the FS-Curtis FAC box-type compressors, AMDS's portable diesel rotary screw compressors offer the mobility and reliability you need for on-road applications. With lockable and weatherproof housing, easy access for maintenance, and AMDS's team of sales and support, you’re guaranteed to find the right product for your application whether you’re working onsite or on the go.

FAC Series Box Type

FS-Curtis FAC Series box type, portable diesel compressors are designed for mounting in confined spaces such as on service trucks. They are also ideal for stationary applications. Access is only required to one side for routine maintenance. The all-steel cabinets are lockable, silenced and weatherproof. 

FS Curtis FAC-18B Air Compressor

FS Curtis FAC-18B

***FAC-18BC is aftercooled***

FS Curtis FAC-23B Air Compressor

FS Curtis FAC-23B

***FAC-23BC is aftercooled***

FS Curtis FAC-28B Air Compressor

FS Curtis FAC-28B

***FAC-28BC is aftercooled***

FS Curtis FAC-37B Air Compressor

FS Curtis FAC-37B

***FAC-37BC is aftercooled***

FS Curtis FAC-52B Air Compressor

FS Curtis FAC-52B

***FAC-52BC is aftercooled***

FS Curtis FAC-75B Air Compressor

FS Curtis FAC-75B

***FAC-75BC is aftercooled***

FS Curtis FAC-113P WW Air Compressor

FS Curtis FAC-113P WW

***FAC-113PC WW is aftercooled***

FAC Series Trailer Type

FS-Curtis FAC Series trailer type, portable diesel compressors are designed for towable mobility. Choose from single axle on-road models up to 11 m³/min or larger dual axle off-road models up to 28.3 m³/min. 

Please note: Due to ongoing developments specifications may change.

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