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AW Dynamometers Inc have been making dynamometers since 1957 and have been sold in Australia for over 25 years. Known for their ease of use, the AW dynamometers have a sturdy design, are reliable and have been proven to be one of the best value for money dynamometers on the Australian and New Zealand markets today.

Along with every new machine sold, we provide staff training (in the use and maintenance of the dynamometer) as well as a full parts and technical backup service.

NEB Series - Agricultural Dynamometers

AW NEB400 Agricultural Dynamometer

NEB 400
Under 20 hp @ 540 rpm
Up to 360 hp @ 1000 rpm
(2000 ft/lbs - 2700Nm of Torque)

AW NEB600 Agricultural Dynamometers

NEB 600
Under 30 hp @ 540 rpm
Up to 550 hp @ 1000 rpm
(3000 ft/lbs - 4000Nm of Torque)

AW NEB 800 Agricultural Dynamometers

NEB 800
Under 40 hp @ 540 rpm
Up to 720 hp @ 1000 rpm
(Massive 4000 ft/lbs - 5400Nm of Torque)

Valuable information for your NEB Dynamometer

I Series - Industrial Dynamometers

AW I-300 Industrial Dynamometer


AW I-600 Industrial Dynamometer


AW I-900 Industrial Dynamometer


AW I-1200 Industrial Dynamometer


From 20 hp - 1,000 hp hi-torque diesel engines & electric motors

ECB Series - Eddy Current Dynamometers

AW Eddy Current Dynamometers -  Large Range

Large range

(Air-cooled) Less than 1 hp - 400 hp to 4000 rpm.

Industrial Power Ratings Chart

Please note: Due to ongoing developments specifications may change.

Cooling Requirement Guide

Please note: Due to ongoing developments specifications may change.

A.M.D.S. Trade and Industrial has full Technical Info, Parts & Service backup ensuring AW owners receive the service they deserve.
A.M.D.S. is the distributor for the Australia - New Zealand region.

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