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AW AG.3X Tractor Dynamometer (NEB600)

The all NEW AW AG.3X Tractor Dynamometer features the high tech 2100SXT DynoPro Computer System with Data Logging & Remote Dyno Control, Temperature Watchdog Relay, and Emergency Water Flow shut down protection. In addition, a newly designed load unit provides high speed capability to dyno test engines, combines, forage harvesters, and irrigational power units.

Power Absorption Unit consists of a wet drum brake unit, hydraulically activated & water cooled.

Torque is transferred to a torque bar, then measured electronically through a computer readout displaying power (HP/kW) or torque ( & torque rise.


AW AG.3X Tractor Dynamometer
  • Ability to test up to 550 hp @ 1000 rpm (600 hp @ 1500 rpm)
  • 375 hp for Full Range Power Test on High Torque
  • Ability to test up to 3000 ft/lbs (4000 Nm) of torque
  • Bi-rotational - can test either rotation
  • DynoPro 2100SXT computer & printer (see below)
  • Calibration is an easy one man operation done on site (no need to send away)
  • Machine is a heavy duty unit & is very low maintenance
  • Unit is portable & on wheels - weighing 952 kg after draining water ballast (ballast also used as cooling reserve)

NEW DynoPro 2100SXT Computer & Printer

Displays power, torque and torque rise with easy calibration 
Displays imperial (hp ft/lbs) or metric (kW Nm) through a simple touch menu setup. 

ETSXT software for external computer is included.

AW AG.3X Tractor Dynamometer DynoPro 2100SXT Computer & Printer
AW Print Report

Sample Print Report 

AW Engine Test System (ETSXT)

AW Engine Test System - ETSXT

Computer software that enables reports,
graphs, full test data and remote dyno control. 

Connects directly from dyno's digital display to an external PC ( i.e. laptop)

RTX Remote & Smart Load (Optional)

RTX Remote & Smart Load

Auto adjust for constant RPM
Torque Set-Point ability 

(Set on 1000 rpm, stays on 1000 rpm) 
Real time data display.
Operate the dyno from tractor cab!

Other AW Options

AW Dynamometer Options
  • High Speed Drive Shaft
  • Shield Package
  • Universal Adaptor for engine testing

Valuable information for your NEB Dynamometer

Cooling Requirement Guide

Please note: Due to ongoing developments specifications may change.

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AW AG.3X Tractor Dynamometer (NEB600)

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