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Industrial Compressed Air Filtration Range

Pilot Air FT industrial compressed air filtration systems offer four degrees of filtration to meet your specific requirements. The products in the FT range are designed to suit varying degrees of filtration and size based on the flow of air in the application.

Pilot Air - 3 Micron Air Filter

3 Micron Air Filter

Normally installed on the inlet of dryers, the products in the Pilot Air range of 3-micron air filters are ideal for pre-filter use for online filters and for vacuum pumps’ pneumatic blowing parts.

Pilot Air - 1 Micron Air Filter

1 Micron Air Filter

Used for preventing the deterioration of pipes and surface treatment, these filters are used for vacuum pump exhausts, compressed air motors, and as pre-filters for absorption dryers.

Pilot Air - 0.01 Micron Air Filter

0.01 Micron Air Filter

The products in the Pilot Air 0.01-micron air filter range are used for the protection of compressed air control systems, and as post-filters for absorption dryers.

Pilot Air - Activated Carbon Air Filter

Activated Carbon Air Filter

The products in the Pilot Air range of activated carbon air filters are used in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical and dental applications, and packaging and galvanic treatments.

Please note: Due to ongoing developments specifications may change.

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