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3000 psi  |  15 l/pm

Food Industry
Factory Washdown
Marine Anti-Fowling
Wine Barrel Washing
Quarantine Wash-bays
Heavy Vehicle Cleaning
Oil and Grease Removal
Earthmoving Equipment Washdown​

The Hynox™ 200-15 will blast away grease and grime with ease with the added protection of Intelligent Total Stop. Engineered and assembled using only the best quality Italian and global components.

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Three Phase

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Hot Water

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Heavy Duty Usage

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Product Code


Working Pressure

3000 psi / 200 bar

Flow Rate

15 l/pm

Usage Frequency

4 - 8 hours daily

Category of Dirt / Debris


Power Supply

Three Phase

415V / 50Hz

Motor Type


Pump Speed

1450 rpm​​​​

For full specifications and optional accessories see our brochure

Jetwave Hynox 200-15 hot water electric pressure washer front view


Stainless steel formed cover and chassis to safeguard the heart of
your investment.

TSI Safety Control for overall unit protection and operational life.


TSI with:
- Timed total stop
- Shutdown for minor leaks
- Shutdown after 1 hour of total stop
- Shutdown for water supply failure
- Flashing light error signalling
- 24 volt control panel with power indication light

Italian triplex Interpump delivers professional performance and longer life.

Low speed professional pump for increased reliability and longer
maintenance intervals.

Brass washable inlet water filter.

Maintenance free low
speed, electric motor, air
cooled and protected with
thermal cut-out.

Professional line accessories with integrated storage for electrical cable, gun and lance.

Vertical 90% fuel efficient
environmentally friendly V1 diesel fired hot water burner system.

Jetwave Safety System™ (JSS) to prevent over pressurisation.

Brass adjustable unloader
valve for user flexibility.

Quality pressure gauge.
- Steam valve.

User Friendly - Easy to fill burner fuel tank.

Ergonomics - Trolley frame designed for durability.

Robust - Stainless steel chassis to withstand tough environmental conditions.

Quality - Vertical V1 burner system with 3mm coil wall and stainless steel housing.

Portability - Heavy duty solid rubber wheels.

Jetwave Hynox 200-15 hot water electric pressure washer back view

For full specifications and optional accessories see our brochure or give us a call
Please note: Due to ongoing developments specifications may change.

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