Could You Use A High Converting Website With Marketing Support To Fire Up Return On Investment?

From recent surveys we've conducted with Australian farm machinery dealerships, the results are almost invariably the same. Dealer principals and managers advise they often have too much to do and not enough time to do it in, leaving precious little time to spend on their marketing.

When asked to examine their marketing activities they found they're almost always under-promoting one or more areas of their business.

A dealer's website today, as opposed to years ago, has a number of very important functions it must execute. Your website MUST :

  • Be responsive to the device it is being viewed upon. Be it mobile, tablet or desktop. To not do so can mean penalties imposed upon you by              Google and sales leaking from your website.
  • Have an SSL certificate to ensure the secure transmission of data to your website e.g. submitting an email address to your email capture form.     Google penalise websites without one and will eventually block traffic to websites that don't have one. Don't think they won't, it happened to us.
  • Immediately grab the attention of your audience. Today's visitor has little patience so it's crucial to have a clear value proposition on your home      page to differentiate your business from your competitors.
  • Compel them to take your desired action. Two things...1. You need to know what your visitor might be seeking from their visit and 2. You need to lead or guide them by telling them what they need to do next.
  • Regularly be offering your audience deposits of goodwill e.g. visitors will soon tire of you asking for the sale if you're pitching to them constantly,   however, helpful and free information will get you brownie points that will make them much more receptive to your marketing message later on. 
  • Regularly be promoting an offer to your audience. If you're not doing this regularly your visitor may never understand the extent of what you have
      to offer and may very well buy from your competitor.
  • Have a reason that forces them to make a decision. This may be a limited stock offer or a promotional deadline, either way you must make them
      think about whether they need your product or not and whether it's now or later
    . It may turn out to be a 'no' but at least you made them think.
  • Be integrated with social media and email marketing. It's absolutely vital you have a number of lines of communication open to ensure you
      can reach your prospects or customers when you need to.

When we design your website we aim to:

Build trust and confidence in your brand

We do this by giving your website a modern look and feel using colour, space and structure

Increase enquiries about your products

By using sound priciples of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and other strategic approaches

Maximise your used inventory turnover

Using design and a strategic approach, we can help you promote your used inventory most effectively

Ensure the widest audience possible

By building a mobile responsive website and rewarding your user with a great user experience

Speak directly to your ideal customer

Combining our marketing/rural background with your product/local knowledge to co-write copy

Give your visitors direct mobile access

Responsive websites mean your customers can tap-to-call & strike while the iron is hot

Our Marketing Support Service:

Regularly measure your websites' performance

Using Google Analytics we'll run regular analytics reports and make improvements where needed.

Liaise with your OEM to update promotions

It's often hard to keep up-to-date with what's going on. We ensure promotions reflect what's current.

Regular calls to ensure a strategic approach

When working 'in' your business it can often be hard to see the forest for the trees. We can offer an outsider's perspective.

Approach your online marketing proactively

We'll have you outline peak season times so your marketing supports your seasonal activities.

Add and remove used inventory when required

We have maintenance plans to suit your needs. ensuring your used inventory is kept up to date.

Monthly, fortnightly or weekly promo updates.

Having your promos regularly updated ensures you're making the most of the time visitors spend on your website.

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