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Our Exclusive While You Wait, Seven Day Service

The tools listed below can be professionally sharpened at our workshop in Toormina while you wait or shop 7 days a week
Simply call Merv to arrange a time for service on a weekday, Saturday or Sunday

Find out about Our Sharpening Methods

All types including Serrated & Sushi
Bad Chips, Damaged Edges & Broken Tips
on Knives & Cleavers can usually be repaired

After sharpening we give all knives the ultimate test - slicing a ripe tomato

Scissors - Medical
Dressing & Surgical, straight & offset
Profiled to the particular clinics instructions, precision honed and tested
Scissors - Dressmaking
Honed to effectively shear the wide range of fabrics handled by fabric stores ie. Spotlight.

Each scissor serviced is tested on two tough to cut fabrics to ensure our customer's satisfaction

Scissors - General
Embroidery Scissors
Thread Snips
Upholstery Shears
Carpet Shears
Garden Tools
Garden Shears - sharpening & blade alignment
Mattocks, Axes & Spades
Metal & Tin Snips
One stop shop for tool repair & sharpening


We also Sublet trade tools

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Click Here to see the list of tools that are subleted to Prosharp in Taree
who pickup from us on a Tuesday and deliver back the following Tuesday

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Tools with slicing, shearing & chopping blades are COLD HONED (NOT simply ground) grinding overheats the steel of the blade, softening the cutting edge.



We use a superior method called Double Bevelling. Double bevelling enhances the blade’s penetrating ability while maintaining a good strong cutting edge. 


First we cold hone a 15° bevel down each side of the blade, this is called a relief bevel. Then using a fine commercial oil stone a 20° bevel is added to the tip of the 15° previously honed relief bevel. This 20° bevel is called the primary bevel.


The 15° relief bevel gives the blade good penetration and the 20° primary bevel gives the actual cutting edge strength & durability.

The 20° Primary bevel is very small (hardly visible) but it’s there and it’s VERY effective.

Bad Chips, Damaged Edges &  Broken Tips on Knives & Cleavers can usually be repaired



Both blades are cold honed at the optimum angle for the particular type of scissor being sharpened. Then the blade tension is checked & adjusted if required. This is Very important, if the tension is too loose, the edge life is dramatically reduced. Too tight and the tool is hard to use and painful on the hand.
Then the hinge pivot is lubricated with long lasting light oil, we service both right handed & left handed scissors


Scissor Action Tools

Like garden shears & pruners, are sharpened similarly to the scissors method outlined above.


Secateurs & loppers

The tool is disassembled & cleaned. The top cutting blade is cold honed at the optimum angle of 20°. The bottom anchor blade is honed to remove any chips or burrs. We lubricate the pivot or pivots with a long lasting oil & reassemble the tool.
We service both right handed & left handed secateurs.


Hedge Clippers

We disassemble the tool, clean & cold hone the cutting edges. Then most Importantly the blade alignment is checked & corrected if malaligned.

Hedge Clippers are prone to blade malalignment due to the long blades & type of work they are doing (often they are used as secateurs).



We guarantee all our work,
however if we consider a tool will not come up to good working order,
we will decline the job & recommend new replacement.


With a Professionally Equipped Workshop
 and Very Low Overheads,
prices are very reasonable

starting from as low as $5.00


Merv Dower

Phone: 02 6658 7298
Mobile: 0427 587 298

Workshop at 18 Shelton Close, Toormina

Business Established in 2008


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Subleted tools

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The tools listed below are subleted to Prosharp in Taree who pickup from us on a Tuesday and deliver back the following Tuesday

Hairdressing Scissors
Thinning Scissors
Overlocker blades
Hand Saws
Circular Saws
Hole saws
Pruning saws
Lucas saws
Dove tail saws
Wood Working Tools
Hand Plane Blades
Powered Planer Blades
Drill & Router Bits
And More..
If your using a blunt wood working tool we can have it sharpened
Garden Tools
Chipper Blades
Mulcher Blades
Elec. Hedge trimmers
Agricultural Tools
Footrot Shears
Fencing Auger Bits

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